Vasa, Finland

Girls on a swing.
EPS students at the seaside in Vasa.

EPS is offered at Novia Uni­versity of Applied Science in Vasa, Finland. EPS projects offered are mainly focusing on energy and envi­ronment, but also contain other essential ele­ments; com­mu­ni­cation, man­agement, planning, European law, inno­vation, mar­keting and language.

Novia is located in the town of Vasa in the beau­tiful arch­i­pelago on the west coast of Finland. Vasa is an excep­tionally beau­ti­fully sit­uated, his­torical town named after the first king in Sweden; Gustaf Wasa, and has a long tra­dition of higher edu­cation. From here it is easy to reach any spec­tacular nature view in Finland. There is plenty of room for adventure and exiting explo­ration trips from Vasa.

The Novia UAS, which has edu­ca­tional units in Vasa, , Jakobsta, Åbo and Raseborg, also offers the degree pro­gramme “Envi­ron­mental Engi­neering” in English in Vasa. Novia edu­cates multi-​skilled and tal­ented engi­neers, who due to their exclusive training expe­rience, can work in many fields of engi­neering and apply their knowledge in almost any indus­trial sector. The employment in the region is the highest in Finland together with the Helsinki area. For more infor­mation see www​.ener​gy​vaasa​.fi