Valencia, Spain

EPS Valencia 2010
EPS Valencia 2009
EPS Valencia 2012
EPS Valencia 2016

In EPS, an inter­na­tional team of stu­dents work on a real-​life project that matches their area of study and field of interest. The project is sup­ported by a study pro­gramme. EPS is hosted by Escuela Técnica Superior de Inge­niería del Diseño. Sub­jects (10 ECTS) + project (20 ECTS) carried out by inter­cul­tural and mul­ti­dis­ci­plinary teams of students.


  • Com­mu­ni­cation Skills
  • Team­building and inter­cul­tural skills
  • Project man­agement & planning
  • Sys­tematic Innovation/​Engineering Product Design
  • Spanish culture