Nottingham, England

NTU's Newton Building

Not­tingham is located in the heart of England and is great city for stu­dents with a wealth of places to visit and activ­ities to pursue for a ter­rific experience.

Not­tingham Trent Uni­versity has three cam­puses, with the city site (where EPS is delivered) catering for over 16,000 stu­dents. The Uni­versity as a whole offers over 200 courses and has a large Inter­na­tional student com­munity from over 100 coun­tries who are well sup­ported by our Inter­na­tional Devel­opment Office.

The EPS pro­gramme is hosted by the Product Design subject area sit­uated within the School of Archi­tecture, Design and the Built Envi­ronment. Despite its design focus, much of the research interests of staff per­meate the broad fields of tech­nology and engi­neering dis­ci­plines and student projects on offer will reflect this.

Inter­ested in joining us? Appli­cation details and other sup­porting infor­mation can be found at the web link provided.