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Augsburg is a lively uni­versity town with 290 000 cit­izens in the south west of Bavaria/​Germany. It is one of the oldest German cities with a fas­ci­nating history as a former Free Imperial City.
Stu­dents like not only the vibrant cul­tural life with many museums and fes­tivals, with theatre, ballet and art galeries but also the charming green envi­ronment with huge forests, meadows, rivers and streams.

The Augsburg Uni­versity of Applied Sci­ences offers a broad range of Bachelor and Master pro­grams in Design and Archi­tecture, in Mechanical Engi­neering and Com­puter Science.
6.000 stu­dents are enrolled at seven fac­ulties. The Uni­ver­sities’ focus is on practice-​based teaching, on applied research and on inter­na­tion­al­ization.

The European Project Semester is hosted by the Faculty of Design which is not only one of the oldest German Art Schools but also the biggest of Bavarias Design Schools with 600 stu­dents. It has become a place where design and inter­active media stu­dents not only learn the fun­da­mentals in visual art, design and inter­active com­mu­ni­cation but also dif­ferent approaches to problem solving and design thinking.