Bucharest, Romania

Romania boasts many cen­turies of aca­demic excel­lence. A rich aca­demic her­itage is based around many land­marks in human knowledge, and today’s Romanian higher edu­cation insti­tu­tions benefit from this lasting legacy.

PUB rep­re­sents one of the fundamental

With over 195 years of exis­tence, Uni­versity “Politehnica” of Bucharest rep­re­sents one of the fun­da­mental and pres­ti­gious insti­tu­tions of the Romanian higher edu­cation, acting as a spring­board for future spe­cialists in various fields of engineering.

Our mission has been thought over as a key towards a knowledge-​based society and economy based on edu­cation, research and inno­vation. Hence, our main goal is to create knowledge mainly by sci­en­tific research, to pass it on by edu­cation and pro­fes­sional training and dis­sem­inate it by infor­mation technologies.